Ethics and Philosophy


For Diarte the meaning of ethical goes beyond doing no harm, it is a way to understand life in general and this applies to all business practices and policies, from design, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution.

Sustainability in fashion can be represented in different ways depending on the type of product or size of the company, for instance. That is why at Diarte we want to be honest with ourselves; therefore we want to respect our believes in ethical and conscious fashion, without compromising coolness and design. But most important, we are transparent with our clients and we share and give all sorts of information from our garments, manufacturing and sourcing.



We like natural fibers and we only use oil-based threads to ensure resistance or to get an effect that can not be obtained otherwise. Never to compromise quality.

We only use materials from European suppliers. All yarns for our knitwear, the core of Diarte, are from mills in Italy with a deep understanding of design and quality. The wovens are mainly from factories in Spain and Italy.

All yarns for Diarte knits have an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification that ensures the responsible use of chemicals. This certification system takes account of numerous harmful chemicals or banned colourants and follows requirements and criteria by European Chemicals Regulation and the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

We work with Tencel, Organic Cotton, Upcycled Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, Merino Wool and constantly looking for the best sustainable materials.


Local Production

At Diarte we believe in social consciousness. We not only keep our manufacturing factories close for convenience, but it is also the way to create a community and a long term cooperation, ensuring they deliver a quality garment making and that they work well under European labour laws.

All the factories we work with are located within few kilometres distance from our studio in the heart of Madrid, meaning all the production for knits and wovens is 100% made in Spain.



Diarte is a knitwear focussed brand based in Spain. From our office in the centre of Madrid we distribute our clothes worldwide and it is key for us to have a fluent relationship with our clients, wherever they are located, from Canada to New Zealand.

This communication is based on trust. We do not only want to deliver quality garments, but also all sorts of information about them too. We believe this helps our clients to understand the product and the philosophy behind the brand better.



From the choice of fibers to the design of the textiles and silhouettes, we want to deliver a product that can last season after season and that can be part of your wardrobe and also part of your life.

Selecting quality materials that last longer, designing classic silhouettes and taking manufacturing decisions to provide strength resistance is key to ensure durability of a garment. We believe that buying clothes does not have to be an act of crazy consumerism but a combination of necessity and falling in love with a piece.